Graduate Students

PH.D Students

Raz, Sharon (with Tally Katz-Gerro): Consumption Patterns and Social Stratification in Israel (Professor, Lake Washington Ins. of Technology)

Gabay-Egozi, Limor (with Yossi Shavit): The Dynamics of Educational Decision Making Process in Israel (Senior Lecturer, Bar-Ilan University)

Levi, Nir (with Bernd Wagener, Humboldt University, Germany): Social Mobility of ‘ethnic’ migrants to Israel and Germany

Perelman, Yossi (with Benjamin Bental, Economics): Explaining Haredi’s Educational Choice (Lecturer, University of Haifa)

Berebbi, Anat: The social dimensions of accommodations for pupils with LD in Israel

Barselai-Shaham, Yasmin: Against the Wind: The Returns on Post-Secondary Vocational Education when tertiary education expand

Badran, Ahamed: School choice among Arabs in Israel

Shitrit, Hen (In progress): Does school structure affect educational inequality in Israel?

Orly Yakir (In progress): The impact of health crisis on women’s career trajectories


Gabay-Egozi, Limor: Educational Decision-Making in the Context of National Coexistence (post-doc at Yale, Lecturer at Bar-Ilan University)

Nir Billfeld: Solutions for truncated (unobserved) data (Post-Doc at Weizmann Institute)

Barselai-Shaham, Yasmin: Vocational Post-Secondary Education in Israel: Who study what? And who benefit from it.